Welcome to the Horsecult!


A while has passed from the last post, but yours truly Horse brigade has been busy with preaching the message of the horse both domestic and abroad. We took the horse mobile and played a special gig at Rock The Manse UG festival at Nokia with Hintit, Dead Jack and Palolampi. We also made our first ever abroad trip and played a brutal gig at Club Stoker, St. Petersburg, Russia. See more at the gig section about the bands!


Caught in the Between will play the first gig of the year in Club Liberte on 24th of January with Pathogens, At Winter's End & Cauldron of Hate! This will also be the release party of the new album "The Asylum". Remember to check out the Facebook-event.


As the album release draws near, here's an Youtube exclusive version of Night of the Long Knives with an extra intro not featured on the album! While you're listening, order your own and tell your friends!


Howdy! Now it is official and we can announce that the third Caught in the Between full length album "The Asylum" will be out Friday 22.11.2013. As an album I think that this is the easiest of our albums to approach, not so much weird stuff among the songs. Also musically this is a bit less versatile compared to the previous ones. In other words this is a true commercial hit album! Check out the first taster from Youtube! The Asylum was mixed and mastered by John Ogre.

More about the album in English or in Finnish.


New FREE downloadable internet EP, Horselike Godlike has been published! Feel free to listen to all the songs and download the album from here!


We have merchandise, order your own from Merchandise-page!


Next gig announced! Check the Live Gallops-section for details!

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