Now it is official and we can announce that the third Caught in the Between full length album “The Asylum” will be out Friday 22.11.2013. The album was mixed and mastered by John Ogre.

You can pre-order the album from Levykauppa Äx. You can also but it directly from us with the price of 10€ (+ postage if needed). Album contains 11 songs: Heaven Like Hell Ready and Willing House of Sorrow Horselike/Godlike The Asylum Fleshripper Warriors of the Mushroom Forest Diabolical Calculation Night of the Long Knives The Magnificent Man Towards the Grave of God

Check out the first new taster, House of Sorrow After the release it is time to once again do some serious live shit! You are most welcome to join those! If you want to book us contact

Once again here is a short preview about the album tracks.

As an album I think that this is the easiest of our albums to approach, with not so much weird stuff among the songs. Also musically this is a bit less versatile compared to the previous ones. In other words this is the commercial hit album! Lyrically there aren’t so many world observing or personal songs this time, mainly standard metal lyrics. Anyway here it is, THE ASYLUM:


Heaven Like Hell

"Luring them to the temptation to disconnect the heavenly connection" A new guitar = a new song, written quite fast. The album is opened with quite mid tempo and oppressive but at the same time catchy song called "Heaven Like Hell". I put this one pretty much to the Heavy Metal category, but some chord progressions are taken from the world of death metal. So with different elements we have made this a bit mean. Lyrically the song is based on the Milton's Paradise Lost. This wasn’t the last song we finished on the album, but it was the last one I started writing. The song may not be so “obvious” choice for the album starter but I personally feel that given time this proves to be one of the best songs on the album.


Ready and Willing

"Moonshine and mind explosion, liquid incarnation, bringer of liberation" Once I spent some hours playing guitar and trying to come up with a good Death style riffing but on that day nothing seemed to pop up. Then I was about to put the guitar down when suddenly a very simple but rocking part came out by accident. Back on tracks, even though not on a track that I had planned! That riff eventually turned out to a main chorus riff of Ready and Willing. So from the start this was meant to be a rocker. However it faced some changes on the way, Ode wrote the riff for a slower part, suggests us to change the stoner rhythm of the verse to a faster one and added there a little "The Crown twist". So what we now have is nice entombed/the crown style death and roll song. Personally I am more than pleased that in Ready and Willing I finally found a song where to put this one certain rock part (before the solo) that I have jammed over 10 years!


House of Sorrow

"The House of Sorrow welcoming you in with the doors wide open" This one offers some plain metal, with killer melodies and rhythms. I think it has some very catchy elements, especially the vocals offer some "hit moments". If I try to describe this song musically I would say it could remind someone from the bands such as Katatonia, Babylon Whores, Sentenced, Paradise Lost, Anathema etc. I made this one ready before introducing it to the others. I thought that even the lead guitars I planned were damned good but Vottonen changed those a bit making them even better!



"Just like lambs to the slaughter that´s the name of the new order" This was one of the first songs that I wrote for this album. Horselike/Godlike is a midtempo death metal song in the veins of Gorefest and similar acts. As a twist the chorus offers some American style shaking, still maintaining the brutal aspect of the song. All and all quite heavy and powerful song that also was a very fast one to compose! Also this is the only song on the record containing horse lyrics (important knowledge), to be more precise about the rise of a new horse king and the enslavement of man.


The Asylum

"Restrained, lobotomized, with my blood I am baptized" The title track of the album. The song is quite complex, transferring different moods from solitude to insanity, from mellowness to brutality. I think that also created some problems to the lyric writing but the main problem for me was to figure out just how and where those lyrics should be presented in this song. Actually for a very long time we were considering if this one should remain as an instrumental. Now, listening the ready track I am glad we chose differently. This one would have been amazing to test with Arcturus or King Diamond-style vocals, but we had to accept our own inability to go that way!



"Elegantly with a peeler beauty once is skinned away" This is the first album track of the band where Ode did the main composing. At the same time one of the fastest ones. That damned Ode is always adding more speed! Thank god the speed on the record version is the lowest we have ever played this.  Anyway, once again we move on the ground of Swedish death metal, however this time a bit rottening way. So fast music, Boss HM-2, rough vocals etc. can be expected. The arrangement and the song structure of the song are little unorthodox, but I guess that is not new to us.


Warriors of the Mushroom Forest

"To the delirium with minds broken" AC/DC of the melodic death metal as we like to call this :) So I guess that everyone is a bit puzzled by the title? To explain it I must take you back in time to 2006 when Vottonen wrote this song for another band of his under the title "Sienimetsän Soturit" (the same in Finnish). However they never managed to record or play it since that band kind of withered away (they did play some farewell gigs this 2013). I have many times said that if it seems that the other band does not seem to do anything we can take this and make it work as our own. So now Votsku decided that the time is right and he did not want this song to go waste. So here it is. We did arrange the song a bit to make it suitable for us but musically it is almost the same song. Vottonen wanted to keep the original headline and so we did. To suit better for this band the lyrics where however re-written, so now the song tells a story about friends (who are "the warriors of the mushroom forest") as adults finding out that war is not as cool thing as they thought in their childhood.


Diabolical Calculation

"Soon the whole world is gone – lost in the atomic storm" This song started out in a strange way. Once during our rehearsals it just came out, "It´s a diabolical calculation!" From that moment it was clear that we would need to do that sort of song. So it was already practically composed, hah. No, really it took quite bit of work to figure out what we would like that song to be like and then create the music. I think that musically without a doubt the most important thing to say about this song is that Diabolical Calculation contains galloping. A lot of galloping! The song structure is a little bit weird but I think that this sort of song suits us and also shows that side of the songs that creates our individuality as a band. We could have easily written this to be some sort of straight forward but chose not to. I am however quite sure that many people will see this one as a filler. I definitely do not. The story tells a tale based on future struggles with energy production and not so nice outcome.


The Night of the Long Knives

"The first step to dethrone democracy in the name of national security" After those future visions it is time to return back in time to 1934!  Fast and forthright song made by Vottonen leaves no-one spared as the forces of evil struck to the heart of Europe. The idea of this song is to point out how things sometimes escalate if everyone is turning a blind eye to the present problems. So this should not attract Antifa commentary but with their background who sees. Actually the song was originally planned to be called At the Daggers’ Dawn because I once misheard the name of the Merging Flare’s “At the Daggers Drawn” and complained to Kasperi Heikkinen how the other one would have been a better title! In the end it however made a lot more sense to change the title to Night of the Long Knives, because of the chorus and all.

The Magnificent Man

"When death draws near he is there to ease the pain, to release the shame" Funny song combines grind with Black Sabbath-style jamming, kind of in the way Xysma once did. For that idea I got the personal need to do lyrics in resemblance with "The Wizard", telling a story of a dear friend of mine (or more like his alter ego) who wanders around passing good feelings to everyone (in a form of different narcotics). If you care for another opinion the producer said that the song sounds like a mix of last Beatles album and the Batman theme!


Towards the Grave of God

"He commanded an army for this dreadful journey that we go" Album is closed with a song that needed a lot of time before it came ready. At first this was supposed to be a lot longer with different weird parts, jamming etc. but finally I shorten it to be a lot more "normal". This is another 80's heavy metal influenced song offering some nice melodies, catchy vocal performance etc. I have to admit that since this song changed so much in the making process I do not have a gut feeling about it. Maybe after a year or so I can state my final opinion. Anyhow, this is nevertheless a nice song, offering a lot of good 90’s metal classic feelings.